What Is ATS Maintenance and Why Is It So Important?

Posted By On 09-08-2021

Importance of ATS maintenance

If you are reliant on an emergency power system at all, then it’s essential that you know about automatic transfer switches, commonly referred to as an ATS. An ATS is a critical part of your emergency power system. These are the steps it follows in case of a power failure:

  1. The ATS monitors electricity coming from your mainstream utility or power grid.
  2. If the ATS detects a power grid failure, it signals your emergency generator to start.
  3. The ATS then switches your facility from using utility power to using generator power.
  4. When utility power is restored, it switches you back to it and signals your emergency generator to turn off.

If your ATS is not properly maintained, it may not be able to function correctly. This can cause anything from a minor inconvenience to an emergency, depending on the kind of building you are powering. It’s important to have regular ATS maintenance to ensure you have a seamless and reliable switch to generator power if your utility power fails.

We’ll cover:

  • What some potential ATS issues are.
  • What’s involved in ATS maintenance.
  • Why ATS maintenance is so important.

We’ll also tell you how IPE Canada can help you with ATS maintenance.

What are potential ATS issues?

All equipment works better if it’s properly maintained. It’s especially important to ensure that any kind of emergency equipment – like an automatic transfer switch – is well-maintained to ensure it works properly and can be relied on.

Without proper ATS maintenance, you may end up with issues due to:

  • Loose wiring
  • Corrosion
  • Built-up dust, dirt and debris
  • A rodent infestation
  • Conductor failures
  • Poor lubrication

If this list has you worried about your ATS system, the good news is that there’s a way to deal with all these problems before they can cause real issues – ATS maintenance.

What’s involved in ATS maintenance?

The first step in ATS maintenance is hiring a qualified and trained technician. Working with ATS systems can be extremely dangerous due to the potential of an arc flash or electric shock risk. Only a professional technician with the appropriate equipment should perform ATS maintenance.

When your ATS technician arrives, they’ll perform a complete inspection on your ATS. They’ll check for the following:

  • Wiring defects, including abrasion and chaffing on the wiring
  • Loose connections
  • Heat marks

Your technician will also clean out any dust or debris, tighten contactor lug connections and check the ATS controller settings. After they’ve completed all of this, they’ll perform the appropriate testing. The type of testing will depend on the system setup. There are three main types of ATS testing:

  • Functional testing using the ATS test switches.
  • Manual testing of the ATS components. Before this starts, the technician must isolate the power at the ATS. This is done by locking out the up and downstream breakers.
  • Live testing. This involves temporarily not using utility power and seeing if the ATS and generator start working properly.

This kind of testing should be planned well in advance, as it may require coordination with building maintenance or other impacted parties.

When the technician has completed all of their servicing and testing, they will provide a list of any issues they find. The technician may be able to fix them immediately if the problems are minor. If the problems are more complicated and parts are required, the technician will explain the recommended repairs.

Why is ATS maintenance so important?

Besides the actual generator itself, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) is the most crucial part of your emergency power system. If you have problems with your ATS, you may not be able to switch to your emergency power system when you need to. Proper ATS maintenance can help decrease the chance of a power transfer failure.

An ATS failing to switch over is one of the most common reasons a generator system fails. By keeping up with regular ATS maintenance, you can rest assured that your ATS is free from issues caused by malfunctioning parts, dust or dirt buildup or even damage from animals.

How can IPE Canada help me with ATS Maintenance?

Your ATS is key to ensuring that you can count on your backup electricity system functioning correctly. If you are responsible for a place that requires continuous uptime – such as a factory or a hospital – you can’t afford for your ATS to fail if the power goes out.

At IPE Canada, we offer a wide variety of electrical maintenance services, including ATS maintenance. We pride ourselves on our core values – reliability, integrity, safety and excellence.

We know that regularly scheduled ATS maintenance is the key to maximizing your ATS system’s life span and performance. Proper ATS maintenance can help cut down on your service costs, reduce your chance of equipment failure and increase the reliability of your backup system.

When we come to perform ATS maintenance, we’ll ensure your ATS system is in good shape and there are no issues with loose wiring or damaged parts. We’ll also do a thorough clean to eliminate any built-up dust or dirt, then perform testing as necessary. Finally, we’ll fix any minor issues or let you know if significant repairs are required.

ATS Maintenance Is Key to Being Able to Rely On Your Backup Generator

We’ve covered some of the critical things you need to about ATS maintenance, including:

  • What some potential ATS issues are, such as loose wires or damaged parts.
  • What’s involved in ATS maintenance, including cleaning and testing.
  • Why ATS maintenance is so essential to make sure you can count on your emergency power system.

At IPE Canada, we want to make sure your ATS system is functioning correctly, so you can always rely on it if your primary power source is unavailable. We know that regular maintenance is the key to a properly functioning ATS system. We pride ourselves on providing excellent ATS maintenance to ensure any issues are caught early before becoming a real problem.

Contact Us About ATS Maintenance

To learn more about ATS maintenance, call IPE Canada at 844-762-1057 or contact us online.

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