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Active Power is a member of the Piller Power Systems group and a leader in critical power solutions. Active Power designs and manufacturers battery-free, flywheel, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage products worldwide for mission-critical power applications. Active Power products have been utilized in a wide variety of industries, including:

1. Healthcare

  • Active Power’s CleanSource UPS, Modular Power, and Modular IT systems have a proven record of failure-free support for the most important health care power distributions.
  • CleanSource is ideal for the specific demands of healthcare applications, where electrical interruption is not an option.
  • Active Power’s UPS and Modular Power systems are commonly used to support IT devices, imaging equipment, and other electrical infrastructure within healthcare facilities.

2. Data Centers

  • Active Power’s CleanSource UPS and PowerHouse systems have been optimized for deployment in common data centre designs where they operate at up to 98% energy efficiency.
  • Active Power systems have been successfully deployed in more than 500 data centers in the US, including numerous Uptime Institute certified Tier III installments.

3. Transportation

  • Active Power’s products provide compact, energy-efficient, continuous, and reliable solutions for applications, including airports and tunnel lighting.

4. Broadcasting

  • Incoming electric power disturbances can take a transmitter off the air, resulting in stranded viewers and a potential loss in commercial revenue.
  • With the help of an integrated flywheel based UPS system, like the CleanSource UPS system from Active Power, you can protect your transmitters and master control rooms from costly downtime and damage due to utility events.

5. Leisure

  • Active Power UPS systems and modular infrastructure solutions provide improved reliability to ensure a smooth power supply and avoid loss of revenue and damaged reputations with customers.

FLYWHEEL- Active Power’s Power Storage Flywheel Technology

Flywheel systems are designed to store kinetic energy by constantly spinning a compact rotor in a low-friction environment.

Active Power’s CleanSource flywheel technology integrates a motor, flywheel energy storage, and generator into an elegant and economical solution. The flywheel rotor is partially supported by magnetic unloading technology, which unloads most of the flywheel’s weight from the field-replaceable mechanical bearing cartridge. This results in an operational life, which is greatly extended.

1. The HD Series Flywheel

  • (675 kW for 15 seconds)
  • Used in the CleanSource HD625 UPS
  • 12.5″ high; 25.5″ in diameter 1700 lbs rotating mass 10.5 MJ of stored energy

2. The PLUS Series Flywheel

  • 300 kW for 20 seconds
  • Used in CleanSource PLUS UPS
  • 4.4″ high; 25.5″ in diameter 600 lbs rotating mass 6.2 MJ of stored energy


The Critical Power Module (CPM) 300/360kW is designed to deliver optimum performance in combination with all the operational features required by modern data centres. The CPM contains its own energy storage which has sufficient capacity in cases of delayed transition to standby generators. The CPM offers the perfect combination of protection and electrical efficiency to operate in up to four different modes.

Key features of the CPM 300/360kW module include:

1. High efficiency

  • Unit operation with exceptional efficiency above 96% at 25% load and approaching 99% at full load
  • Higher efficiency than any other UPS at all load levels and all modes of operation
  • Minimized losses and cooling requirements
  • Capable of switching between several different modes to maintain a predetermined output quality
  • Maximum efficiency achieved in VFD mode and VI conditioning mode

2. Easy to maintain

  • 10-year major maintenance interval with simple on-site work
  • Light touch, single visit annual maintenance

3. Rapid deployment

  • CPM supplied pre-assembled and tested on a skid
  • Immediate installation and connection requiring minimal time and effort
  • CPM module can also be supplied as containerized
  • No DC cabling installation
  • No battery room preparation or battery build

4. Multiple operating modes

  • Capable of operating in different modes to provide the best economic operation and full load protection
  • CPM provides VFI conditioning at high efficiencies across the load range
  • IEC version can be selected to run VI modes for higher efficiencies
  • Enhanced Redundancy Mode (ERM) can activate the minimum number of modules necessary and place other units on standby

5. Advanced connectivity

6. No battery risk or battery replacement required

7. Quiet operation

We’re here to help you. For more information about our services and active power products, please call 289-301-2810, email, or click here.


The controlled closed-cycle HVAC environment means that the POWERHOUSE can operate in most climates, with operational ambient temperatures between -25°C to 50°C, and no issues in extreme humidity.

Designed and built inside a standard 40ft (12m) ISO corrosion-resistant steel container, your POWERHOUSE can easily be transported by truck, train or ship to your desired location and withstand 1611kg/m2 snow load and 300km/h winds on route and on site.

Thanks to our Plug and Play concept, minimal start-up commissioning and on-site management is required – your system can be up and running within days, rather than weeks.

Need to relocate? No problem. Your POWERHOUSE can be disconnected, transported to a new site, and fully operational again in no time.

“operational ambient temperatures between -25°C to 50°C”

Cleansource Plus MMS

Modular UPS offering a wide range of modular and redundant backup power systems with 20% more power for the same footprint at the same price point.

The built-in flywheel energy storage takes up less than half the footprint of battery based systems, delivers efficiency up to 98% and lowers total cost of ownership by up to 40% over the life of the product. This field proven technology is based on a highly fault tolerant IGBT architecture designed to protect all critical loads, such as data centers, industrial processes and healthcare applications.

Stored energy will provide ride-through up to 2 minutes depending upon configuration, making the CLEANSOURCE® PLUS MMS a clear alternative to modular static UPS systems reliant on battery storage. The MMS modular UPS system has more than enough energy storage for diesel starting and synchronization, even when paralleling generating sets. Elimination of batteries saves space and weight, reduces site testing and maintenance and removes the need for routine replacement after a few years of service life.

Cleansource HD UPS

Active Power’s CLEANSOURCE® HD UPS delivers 40% TCO savings, is 12 times less likely to fail, and reduces your impact on the environment by 90%. Based on a field-proven design, our flywheel UPS is a perfect fit for today’s mission critical applications in data centers, health care facilities, and industrial and manufacturing sites.

Stores 10.2 MJ of energy; up to 1 minute of runtime (load dependent); wide ambient temperature range 0°C to 40°C and high density, high efficiency design.

  • 625 kW – 380/400/415V @ 50Hz
  • 675 kW – 480V @ 60Hz
  • Up to 98% efficient
  • Half the space of legacy battery based UPS
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