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Piller Products

Rotary UPS

Piller Rotary UPS

A rotary UPS contains rotating components that are used to transfer power to the load. A flywheel-driven rotary UPS is used for applications that require a ride-through of power system outages of short duration and voltage dips. When a generator-driven rotary UPS is used, it can provide extended power for an indefinite power outage. This is best suited for environments that are characterized by multiple short inrushes of power.

UNIBLOCK UBT+ Rotary UPS from 500kW up to 40MW

UNIBLOCK UBT+ Rotary UPS from 500kW up to 40MW

The Piller UNIBLOCK UBT+ is a UPS system with state-of-the-art technology. This creative design with a unique number of options makes the UBT+ perfect for any existing or new installations.

The UBT+ offers the highest efficiency and performance with a minimum amount of components. As well, it combines the benefits of all the different power supply configurations for both short term or long term bridging, with standby generation or cogeneration. This can be used in low and medium voltage applications. Additionally, cooling can be done through air or chilled water, not to mention the ride through storage can be through batteries or flywheel.



  • UB-V provides on-line efficiency of up to 98% at 100% load and 97% at 50% load when compared with static UPS which typically operate around 96.3% efficiency at both 50% and 100% loads.
  • The UB-V UPS has no power capacitors or electric fans, the mean-time between failure of a single unit rises by a factor of 5 times when compared to failure rates of a typical static UPS.
  • Piller UB-V UPS features a new control platform incorporating self-diagnostics for predictive maintenance and continual peace of mind. Piller’s e-VENTLOG™ is a new service package with remote monitoring which can make annual service shutdowns a thing of the past. In controlled environments e-VENTLOG™ can completely eliminate the need for an operational shutdown of the UPS for up to five years.


The controlled closed-cycle HVAC environment means that the POWERHOUSE can operate in most climates, with operational ambient temperatures between -25°C to 50°C, and no issues in extreme humidity.

Designed and built inside a standard 40ft (12m) ISO corrosion-resistant steel container, your POWERHOUSE can easily be transported by truck, train or ship to your desired location and withstand 1611kg/m2 snow load and 300km/h winds on route and on site.

Thanks to our Plug and Play concept, minimal start-up commissioning and on-site management is required – your system can be up and running within days, rather than weeks.

Need to relocate? No problem. Your POWERHOUSE can be disconnected, transported to a new site, and fully operational again in no time.

“operational ambient temperatures between -25°C to 50°C”

Cleansource Plus MMS

Modular UPS offering a wide range of modular and redundant backup power systems with 20% more power for the same footprint at the same price point.

The built-in flywheel energy storage takes up less than half the footprint of battery based systems, delivers efficiency up to 98% and lowers total cost of ownership by up to 40% over the life of the product. This field proven technology is based on a highly fault tolerant IGBT architecture designed to protect all critical loads, such as data centers, industrial processes and healthcare applications.

Stored energy will provide ride-through up to 2 minutes depending upon configuration, making the CLEANSOURCE® PLUS MMS a clear alternative to modular static UPS systems reliant on battery storage. The MMS modular UPS system has more than enough energy storage for diesel starting and synchronization, even when paralleling generating sets. Elimination of batteries saves space and weight, reduces site testing and maintenance and removes the need for routine replacement after a few years of service life.

Cleansource HD UPS

Active Power’s CLEANSOURCE® HD UPS delivers 40% TCO savings, is 12 times less likely to fail, and reduces your impact on the environment by 90%. Based on a field-proven design, our flywheel UPS is a perfect fit for today’s mission critical applications in data centers, health care facilities, and industrial and manufacturing sites.

Stores 10.2 MJ of energy; up to 1 minute of runtime (load dependent); wide ambient temperature range 0°C to 40°C and high density, high efficiency design.

  • 625 kW – 380/400/415V @ 50Hz
  • 675 kW – 480V @ 60Hz
  • Up to 98% efficient
  • Half the space of legacy battery based UPS

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