Industrial Electrical Services

Manufacturing is a central component of any economy. It’s responsible for the production of goods that help keep our economy running. In order for manufacturing to run efficiently, they need reliable power supply and quality materials. IPE Canada can provide all that and more to your manufacturing plant to ensure efficiency and no downtime is wasted.

About the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector is active in the production of goods and provisions for people and businesses and strives to remain profitable while doing so. In order to remain profitable, reducing costs is a key component. With any business, a prime endeavour is to help reduce production costs, as small changes in costs can have significant impacts on overall profitability. The challenges, however, don’t stop there. With the changing technological climate, the industrial industry must work effectively to keep up with the changes and increasing regulations, shift towards leaner organizational structures, and remain environmentally friendly. At IPE Canada, we understand the demands and challenges the industrial industry faces and offer our services to create a solid foundation for the industry.

How IPE Can Help You

Our team of highly trained professionals guarantees the highest attention to quality and detail. We are committed to installing and maintaining the best equipment to provide optimal performance and give you the best return on your investment. At IPE Canada, we strive to:

  1. Increase energy efficiency and reduce costs associated with utility and operating
  2. Decrease downtime and lost production resulting from electrical and power system failures
  3. Ensure that standards, codes, and regulations are all appropriately met
  4. Decrease the costs related to repair and replacement of damaged or faulty equipment
  5. Prevent danger to personnel and equipment resulting from arc flash explosions and fires
  6. Increase the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of all facility equipment

Our Manufacturing Services

At IPE Canada, we have the experience and qualifications to support our manufacturing clients. We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs, ask questions, and build strong and lasting relationships with them. We have the perfect combination of knowledge and application to help solve all your electrical problems. Our expertise and services span several areas, including:

Engineering services

  • Arc flash studies – Arc flash assessments are performed to examine the power system of a facility and determine the energy produced at specific electrical devices. Assessing the energy levels allows for appropriate warnings and protective equipment to be prescribed to ensure personnel and equipment safety.

  • Coordination studies – Coordination studies will offer a thorough evaluation of the protective devices of a system, including protective relays, fuses, circuit breakers, and the circuits they intend to protect.

  • Short circuit analysis – Short circuit analysis is utilized to determine the magnitude of short circuit current that the system is capable of producing, which is then compared to the magnitude of the interrupting rating of the overcurrent protective devices. The knowledge gained from short circuit analysis is crucial to the ability of protective devices to interrupt these short circuit currents.

  • Load assessment – A basic electrical load assessment will list all of the electrical devices within a facility, their power ratings or loads, and the approximate number of hours that the device or equipment operates daily. The result of a load assessment is an estimate of a facility’s power consumption and provides the information required to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Maintenance Services

  • Infrared Thermography (IR scan) – Our team of highly trained electrical engineers and thermographers utilize the latest technology to perform all infrared scan inspections. The use of infrared thermographic scanning is a crucial step in effective electrical preventative maintenance programs, allowing us to find issues before they become critical. Using infrared thermography, our goal is to detect both common and uncommon issues that typically lead to critical disruptions. Using our specialized equipment, we are able to identify hotspots that are difficult to see through surface inspections and conducting virus scanning to safely identify electrical problems.

  • Breaker maintenance and testing – Breaker maintenance is essential to ensure that breakers continue to be able to support critical loads reliably and operate safely when required.

  • Commissioning emergency power services – Commissioning services are offered for all installations to ensure that they are safe and meet all of the design requirements. Commissioning is incorporated into each stage of a project from pre-design until the final verification at project closing.

  • Automatic transfer switches – Automatic transfer switches function by providing a reliable means of transferring essential load connections between primary and alternate sources of electrical power. Settings that require continuous uptime, will use an alternate emergency power source, such as a generator, in case the primary power source becomes temporarily unavailable. Automatic transfer switches allow users to access seamless and reliable power in the case of an outage by automatically transferring power to the generator when utility power fails.

  • Protective relays – Protective relays are utilized to correct electrical problems and they do so by detecting a problem and working to restore the system to its normal conditions. Protective relays work to reduce the chance of damage to personnel and equipment.

  • Battery – Installation, maintenance, replacement, removal, and recycling

  • Repair and emergency – Dispatch services available 24/7 for electrical equipment misoperation or failure.

We’re here to help you. For more information about our services for retail, please call 289-301-2810, email, or click here.

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